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Find J.R Watkins Consultants and Associates in Canada & the USA and Get Information on Joining J.R Watkins and Becoming a Rep. Brought to you by Indep. Consultant, National Team Manager & Sponsor, Tamara Laschinsky. Buy, Sell and Find J.R Watkins Products here!!

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If you are LOOKING for WATKINS CONSULTANTS in your area, click on the flags (Canada or USA) below to begin your search. All consultants listed on this page have received a FREE Listing by being on my team. If you are looking to START a JR WATKINS BUSINESS, cick on the Signup special box above for more information!

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The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the IndependentJ.R Watkins Associate who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be constured as the statements of opinion of J.R Watkins Incorporated.Information on this page is deemd to be accurate and is subject to change. If you experience difficulty in viewing this site or have any questions, please contact webmaster. Last updated May 2013, by Tamara Laschinsky, Independent J.R Watkins Consultant, Associate, Sponsor and Manager #378193 from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. The Go GREEN North America website is created and maintained by myself, Watkins Indep. Associate and National Team Manager, Tamara Laschinsky. I list all the Watkins associates who are on my team on this website so customers can easily find a local Watkins rep in their area. Only members of my team and my downline are listed on this website. If you can not find someone in your area please contact me to see if I can find someone in your area. Also, if I don't list someone in your area, please consider joining my team so I can list you on this site or just join so you can order direct to your door and get a discount on products!

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